Lessons Learned: what to do with your OWB legacy?

I know this has nothing to do with Life Cycle Management for ODI, but a number of people asked if we could help with migrating their OWB legacy to ODI 11 or ODI 12.

That is why I would like to address our solution we call “intelligently automated” conversion. Together with Database & Technology Italy, an Oracle Gold Partner we have an unique offering. For more information, see our OWB to ODI page or download our OWB to ODI Migration White Paper

How does it work?

Send us your OWB MDL file with locations, public/custom transformations,… and we can send you an estimation of time and cost within a week.

Want a Proof of Concept?

Give us 10 mappings, 5 process flows, we will do it. Just as an example: Converting about 2000 mappings and  200 process flows takes us less than two months. Interested? Contact us.

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Hello, my name is René De Vleeschauwer.

Throughout my career I've been responsible for the development of enterprise software. Since 12 years I've been leading the development of IKAN ALM, an open DevOps framework.

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