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Are you ok with how your Oracle software is deployed?

The reasons why Oracle customers seek our expertise in build and deploy may vary, but the core objective is always the same: they want a reliable, repeatable and auditable build and deploy process that works.

Our customers want predictable build and deploy results. They want to contribute to their company’s success by having cost-effective and risk-free build and deploy processes and by accelerating their company’s time to market.

These cost, risk and enhance time to market objectives are the easy part. It is getting there that might be challenging. The good news: we can help.

RedBridge Software is a team that can help you to define, implement and enforce your build and deploy processes.

What we are known for

Life Cycle Management for OWB and ODI

Extend your OWB and ODI development process with versioning and automated build and deploy processes. Life Cycle Management helps you to eliminate human mistakes and to release your software faster. This includes:

Dedicated versioning to manage your code base and to support parallel development
Automated Build
Easily build releases using automated and repeatable build processes
Automated Deployment
Automatically deploy any release to Test and Production environments

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Oracle Warehouse Builder   Oracle Data Integrator

OWB to ODI migration service

Since Oracle will stop supporting OWB, users are forced to migrate their OWB projects to ODI. Although they have different features, OWB and ODI are conceptually similar. Our intelligently automated conversion service allows an effortless migration from OWB to the ODI equivalents.

Migration from OWB to ODI

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About us

About us

RedBridge Software is the Oracle-focused brand of IKAN, a leading provider of Life Cycle Management solutions.

Since 2014, RedBridge Software focuses on automated LCM solutions for Oracle products which address the missing links in the Oracle LCM offering, such as the missing versioning possibilities, and automated build & deploy for both OWB and ODI.

We develop our LCM for Oracle solutions together with Oracle domain experts.

Our innovation consists in the introduction of the Build and Deploy phases concept which allows to automate the required Build and Deploy processes for your Oracle environments.

We make Life Cycle Management solutions for Oracle affordable, and easy to install and use. With our out-of-the-box solutions you should be up and running in less than half a day!

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