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D&T is an Oracle Gold Partner and well-respected Oracle Data Integration Solutions partner: they deploy the best and innovative technology to deliver a complete and cost effective service in today's competitive market.

D&T was founded to solve technological problems, using experienced specialists in Networking, Relational Database, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Due to its high level of know-how and development resources, D&T guarantees reliability and customer satisfaction. D&T supplies strategic solutions and delivers the highest level of performance while keeping an eye on the evolution of any information system. Interacting, assisting and leading customers to the best solution, is the key to D&T success.

In the context of RedBridge Software, D&T contributes as follows:

  • D&T sells and implements the Life Cycle Management solution for ODI
  • D&T owns and developed the VCR4ODI component

VCR4ODI component

D&T develops and owns the VCR4ODI component of the Life Cycle management solution for ODI.
They are focused on Oracle Data Integrator (ODI is a comprehensive data integration platform that covers all data integration requirements from high-volume, high-performance batch loads, to event-driven, trickle-feed integration processes, to SOA-enabled data services), Oracle GoldenGate, Database Administration, Data Guard and RAC. D&T offers consulting services, education services, support services as well as product services.

OWB2ODI converter

Database & Technology has developed the OWB2ODI Converter to reduce the time and costs when migrating from Oracle Warehouse Builder to Oracle Data Integrator. The OWB2ODI Converter is a semi-automatic tool for converting OWB projects into ODI projects. The tool was specifically designed to recreate the logic implemented in the OWB project in the new logic of the ODI project, while keeping the semantics and functions implemented in the initial project unchanged.

Tests carried out on company projects showed that the time required for migration was drastically reduced by using the OWB2ODI Converter. After a careful analysis of the results, it became clear that the benefits (gained from using the OWB2ODI Converter tool rather than manual conversion) increase in proportion to the size and complexity of the project.

More info: www.databtech.com


Implementation partner

EasiRun enables the complete implementation of complex application modernization projects and stands for success throughout your modernizations. EasiRun targets special market niches, such as COBOL, analysis tools, solutions for transformation and data storage.

By securing legacy applications for future challenges as well as ensuring their integration and reusability Easirun believes it contributes important components for modern, independent, and inexpensive IT systems.

Easirun offers consulting on all issues of application and application development modernization.

More info: www.easirun.com
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