Tutorial videos


The purpose of these videos is to get you familiarized with the LCM (Life Cycle Management) concept.

Introduction to LCM

ROI of the LCM for ODI Solution


Getting Started with the LCM for ODI Solution

The following series of 5 videos shows the different steps to achieve fully automated Build and Deploy processes for ODI objects.

Installing the LCM framework

Installing the VCR connector

Setting up the ODI Life Cycle

Configuring the ODI Build & Deploy phases

ODI automated Build & Deploy process



This section covers more advanced topics.

Using Phase Parameters

This video explains how to configure the IKAN ALM Phases, how to specify the parameter values at different levels and how to influence the order of precedence. It is recommended to first watch the Getting Started video on Configuring the ODI Build & Deploy Phases.

The information covered in this video is also available as a PDF document.


VCR4ODI (ODI versioning component)

In this video, we will explain how the VCR4ODI Connector works and we will demonstrate how to commit and restore ODI objects and their dependencies.

Versioning ODI objects using VCR4ODI

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