Versioning, Automated Build and Deploy for
Oracle Data Integrator

Life Cycle Management seems to be issue number one for Oracle Data Integrator users. Our solution extends your ODI development process with versioning, build, deploy and allows custom procedures such as database changes.


Version single projects or complete repositories outside of ODI using Subversion. Includes automatic ODI dependency management.
Concurrent users connecting to an ODI repository

Automated Build

The automated Build builds a release of a single project or a complete Repository. The results is an archive that is stored for later use.
The process of an automated build in ODI

Automated Deploy

The automated Deploy starts from an archive to restore the project to any test or production repository. Repositories are created automatically.
The process of automated deployment in ODI

This helps you develop faster yet cheaper and deploy more frequent

Higher quality

As developers will version their code and as parallel development is supported you will have a more sound code base. Managing the many different releases and hot fixes becomes fast, transparent and reliable.

More frequent deploys

A complete and automated process (build, deploy, approval and notification) is triggered once a developer commits his code to the version control repository. This process is reliable, repeatable and auditable so you can you can deploy more frequently.

Earnings and Savings

More frequent and qualitative deploys means happy business people since they'll have their desired functionality available faster. The automated process eliminates human mistakes and allows people to do more interesting work. A true win/win.

It’s easy, see how it works

The solution components: ODI, VCR connector and LCM framework

Solution components

Selecting the ODI objects to version

Commit to Subversion

Committing changes using the VCR connector

Status committed objects

Adding the VCR4ODI repository settings in the LCM framework

Repository settings

Creating the ODI project in the LCM framework

Project creation

Setting up the ODI life cycle

Life Cycle setup

Installing the ODI phases

Phases setup

Overview of the ODI phases parameters

Phase parameters

Execution of an ODI deployment

Execute build/deploy

The results of the ODI deployment

Deploy result overview

Watch and learn videos

Introduction to LCM

Installing the LCM framework

Installing the VCR connector

Setting up the ODI Life Cycle

Configuring the ODI Build & Deploy phases

ODI automated Build & Deploy process

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