Life Cycle Management for ODI: easy to install & use, and affordable!

Did you know that the Oracle Data Integrator Customer Advisory Board defined Life Cycle Management as key issue number one?

The board's view on Life Cycle Management (which is spot-on) goes beyond versioning the source code. It also implies the creation of deployment archives and doing the restore to the test and production repository (of selected objects or scenarios). There are more things you might expect from a proper Life Cycle Management or DevOps solution, such as issue tracking system integration, but we'll keep it to bare necessities in this post.

After listening well to our customers and prospects we have made some changes to our current offering, with as main objective making the evaluation process simple and fast and making the solution affordable. So, next to our out-of-the-box solution, we have simplified the POC process and our pricing model.


How our Proof of Concept works

First of all we have created an easy to install and use Proof of Concept model for ODI users. We have versions covering the following ODI versions: ODI_11gR1, ODI_12cR1 and ODI_12cR2.

The POC includes:

  • VCR4ODI (versioning component to version and restore a selected ODI work Repository to a selected version control branch or repository).
  • IKAN ALM as the LCM framework (life cycle definition, creation of deployment archives (build), restore (deploy) actions, approvals and notifications).
  • Dedicated Restore phase for each ODI version.
  • A Getting Started Guide, which covers the installation process and implementation process.

We offer this POC free-of-charge because we know, through experience with clients, that our product really addresses the problems mentioned by the advisory board. You can simply apply for a POC by contacting us or by sending me a message right here (on Linkedin).

We can help you setup the solution and answer questions through a web meeting, in case you need any help.


We've also updated our Licensing model

We have conducted a survey using the Price sensitivity Meter Model from Professor Van Westendorp to find out what an acceptable price would be for you. As a result and with your help, here is what came out of the survey:

  • Unlimited number of developers.
  • One full life cycle management license.
  • Address all your ODI Repositories.

You can subscribe for one, three or five years (billed annually)

  • 1 year: 1.095/month.
  • 3 years: 995/month.
  • 5 years: 895/month.
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Hello, my name is René De Vleeschauwer.

Throughout my career I've been responsible for the development of enterprise software. Since 12 years I've been leading the development of IKAN ALM, an open DevOps framework.

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