Upgrade fast and precisely from ODI 11 to ODI 12, using the Upgrade Assistant Plus (UA+) tool

The Upgrade Assistant Plus tool helps Oracle's UA to create precise ODI 12 Mappings and Models, and to convert the Operators correctly. The process will be faster and cheaper, and will provide a clean ODI 12 repository.

Upgrade precisely

UA+ migrates each real ODI 11 Interface to a single ODI 12 mapping with no dataset and no reusable mappings.    
Concurrent users connecting to an ODI repository

No redundant objects

Thanks to the precise migration process, only the ODI 12 Models and Datastores that are really needed will be generated.
The process of an automated build in ODI

Clean repository

Because the UA+ tool will do the needed rework to have correct ODI 12 Mappings and Datastores, no manual cleanup is required.
The process of automated deployment in ODI

Start your ODI 12 journey with an impeccable repository

High quality

UA+ guarantees that every ODI 11 Temporary Interface is upgraded correctly and that every Operator is precisely converted in order to get a clean ODI 12 repository.

Fast conversion

UA+ speeds up the upgrade process tremendously by converting only what's needed and without leaving any loose ends.

Earnings and Savings

Continue your ODI development activities immediately after upgrading. No manual post-conversion actions are needed. This saves you time and money.

It’s easy, see how it works

  • 1. Back up

    Take a backup of the ODI 11g repository. This is necessary as it will be overwritten by the Oracle UA.

    2. Run Oracle UA

    The Oracle UA will upgrade the ODI 11g repository to an ODI 12c equivalent.

  • 3. Copy

    Make a copy of the new migrated ODI 12c repository.

    4. Restore

    Restore the ODI 11 repository from the backup.

  • 5. Delete the mappings

    Delete the Packages and Mappings in one of the two ODI 12 Repositories.

    6. Create the mappings

    Run the Upgrade Assistant Plus tool on the ODI 12 Repository where you deleted the Packages and Mappings. The Mappings are created.

  • 7. Export the packages

    Export all packages from the second converted repository using the Smart Export option.

    8. Import the exported packages

    Import all exported Packages into the first repository using the Smart Import option.

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