Lessons Learned

RedBridge Software is specialised in generic Life Cycle Management for Oracle products. Last year we decided, with the help of Database & Technology, an Italy based Golden Oracle partner to create a Life Cycle Management solution for Oracle Data Integrator (ODI). This next to the one for Oracle Warehouse Builder we allready had.

The final ODI solution consists of a separate versioning component that allows you to commit and restore ODI objects from a version control repository and of IKANALM with specific ODI phases that permit you to "build" an ODI release, to deploy that release to test or production repositories and to optionally let you create ODI Repositories.

And of course we learned our lessons!

As many we thought: just version the ODI objects, create a release by copying the objects from the version control repository and just restore the objects. Well it was and isn't all that simple. Thanks to a number of our customers and thanks to the great dialogue we had with them, bit by bit we fine-tuned our solution, added features and so on.

What we would like to do is to share what we call “our Lessons Learned”. In the next weeks we will tell you more about the Lessons Learned and of course we welcome all your input!

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Hello, my name is René De Vleeschauwer.

Throughout my career I've been responsible for the development of enterprise software. Since 12 years I've been leading the development of IKAN ALM, an open DevOps framework.

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